Extremes / 末端的地方

In northwestern Xinjiang, a few hundred kilometers from the capital
Urumqi, is the Pole of Inaccessibility. That is the point on land that
is furthest away from any ocean. Every continent has a pole of
inaccessibility, and the Eurasian Pole is the global extreme. We’re not
going out to the Kazakh border, but in Urumqi we’re already further away
from any ocean than is even possible on any other continent. How about that?

Also, about 50km from Turpan, where we are now, is Lake Aydingkul, which
at 154m below sea level is the third-lowest point on earth. Turpan is
30m above sea level, and since the tour guides refuse to take us to the
lake, we won’t get anywhere near that extreme.




2 thoughts on “Extremes / 末端的地方

  1. Paul

    No idea. Normally it seems anything is possible, as long as you’re <br/>willing to pay for it. With the lake, he didn’t even propose a price. <br/>Perhaps because there is no water there right now he thought we would be <br/>displeased and ask for our money back.


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