TV Interview / 电视采访


Today I visited another palace. No, I can’t get enough. Gyeongbokgung Palace was the primary palace of the Joseon Dynasty for the first 200 years, until it was burned down by the Japanese in the 1590s. It wasn’t rebuild until the 1860s, only to be destroyed again by the Japanese when they annexed Korea in the early 20th century. The photos I’ve included here highlight what I see are some of the unique aspects of this palace that distinguish it from those I’ve seen in China. At the palace I also watched a Joseon-era changing of the guard performance. I’ve included snippets of video so you can get a feel for that.


After leaving the palace I walked by the Blue House. The Blue House is the residence of Korea’s president and is so named because of the colour of the roof, not the building. I forget exactly what the blue signifies, but in the other palace I visited only one building had a blue roof, and it had something to do with the king. I didn’t get a tour of the Blue House.


On my way to lunch I was stopped by a crew from a Korean TV network called EBS English. They were filming a program for teaching English and wanted to interview anyone who could speak English fluently. I did a quick three-minute piece with them. Now you might find me on Australian or Korean TV!



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