Seoul Nightlife

Since I don’t know anyone in Seoul and since I don’t speak Korean it’s a
bit difficult to meet people. But I do speak Mandarin and as it turns
out, there are quite a number of Chinese people in Seoul. I ran into
Mandarin often enough in restaurants that I started trying to speak
Mandarin to people instead of English. They’re at least as likely to
understand it. Well, that didn’t work out any better than speaking
English first, though I got some amusing looks from some Korean staff.

Anyway, back to the nightlife. On Friday & Saturday night I went out
with some Chinese staff from one of the restaurants to experience the
Seoul nightlife. Well, to experience it the way Chinese students in
Seoul do anyway. My Chinese friends think Koreans drink too much. I
think they all drink too much. We tried some Soju, which is the Korean
version of rice wine, and ate typical Korean pub fare. Then of course I
couldn’t get away without going to karaoke for a while. It was a good time.

I’m back in China now, getting ready for the next chapter of intensive
study and (hopefully) improving my Mandarin. I’ll have a few more
anecdotes about Seoul in the next few days, before I move on to telling
you more about my life in China.



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