Advertising / 广告

Sometimes when I travel I find it interesting to look at advertisements.
Either because they might tell me something about the local culture, or
just because they stand out and make me wonder what’s going on. Here a
few such ads I came across in Seoul last week.

The first is advertising walnuts as “brain food”. As you can see,
there’s a clever exploding walnut that looks like Einstein’s face. In
the bottom corner of the ad is the logo for the California Walnut
Commission. What I’d like to know is what ever possessed the California
Walnut Commission (whatever that is) to pick Korea as a target market?
Globalization may be good and it may be bad, but sometimes it’s just funny.

The second is advertising Samsonite luggage. Apparently the new line of
Cosmolite luggage is so light, that hockey players can use it as a
really great hockey stick. In Canada, I think most people would find
this ad kind of ridiculous, but at least we play hockey. Koreans don’t
even play hockey. How is this ad going to appeal to the typical Korean’s
deep-seated desire to be a hockey star? Maybe there are an inordinate
number of Canadians passing that particular pillar in Seoul’s COEX Mall,
after all, the ad isn’t even in Korean.

The last advertisement is Papa Smurf selling an LG phone. Why not?



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