Impressions of Seoul / 首尔给我的印象

我要说的在首尔观察什么,还有给你 们看看有些景象让我注意。我希望这样你们也能了解以下韩国。

  • 在首尔听普通话不少。地铁 上的通告都是汉语,还有韩语和英语的。还有我在首尔交行的中国朋友。

  • 在首尔没有人盯着我。不是 因为那边的外国人比在中国多。其实韩国的外国人人口只是百分之一点五。外国人当中百分之四十五都是中国人。

  • 用两手给人重要的东西(护 照,钱,名片,等等)也是韩国的文化。其实在首尔比较多。

  • 韩国人非常喜欢吃炸面饼 圈。“炸面饼圈先生”和“邓肯甜甜圈”所有的地方都有。我觉得对“蒂姆霍顿斯”来说这是很好的机会。

  • 大部分的车都是韩国的。

  • 中国啤酒比韩国的好的多。 但是韩国啤酒比莫尔森的好喝。

  • 在首尔警察很少。只是在蓝 房子还有战争博物馆遇到他们。

我在首尔玩的开心。离开那儿的时我 想想再去,但是现在朝鲜麻烦韩国,所以我不去。

Here are some observations I made while in Seoul and some pictures of scenes that caught my attention. I hope this will effectively convey my impression of Korea.

  • There’s a fair amount of Mandarin there. I heard it often enough in the streets and the subway announcements are in Mandarin, as well as English and Korean. And of course I already told you about using Mandarin to order in restaurants, and making some Chinese friends in Seoul.

  • People don’t stare at me like they do in China, and it’s not because there are more white people in Korea. Only 1.5% of the population are expats, and of those 45% are from China.

  • The custom of giving & receiving a passport, money, business card or other important document with two hands, applies in Korea as well. It’s more routinely observed in Korea though.

  • Koreans seem to like doughnuts. Dunkin’ Donuts and Mister Doughnut are everywhere. Tim Hortons should get in on the action.

  • There are very few imported cars there, the overwhelming majority of cars on the road are Korean models.

  • The beer is not as good as in China, but it’s still better than anything Molson makes.

  • In Seoul I didn’t seen many police. Their biggest presence was at the Blue House and around the War Memorial. In China they’re everywhere. I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise.

That’s it for me & Korea, for now anyway. I had such a good time there that I was thinking of going back at Christmas to visit other parts of the country. That was before North Korea started throwing tantrums again.



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