Man Mo Temple & the Streetcars / 文武庙和电车

On Sunday morning I met up with my friend and former colleague Ellery, his wife Athena and their daughter Fiona. These are the friends I previously told you introduced me to snake soup. I first went with Ellery and Fiona to the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Rd.. I wanted to see this temple, after seeing so many in China, because I read both members of the police force and members of the triads frequent this temple to worship. I discovered that the Man Mo temples are dedicated to the god of martial arts, so I suppose that makes sense.

After we ate our snake soup, I went off to ride the double-decker streetcars. This was an amusing bit of sightseeing and I probably spent about two hours riding them.

In the evening I went to a district called Wan Chai for supper. Wan Chai is a kind of red-light district, but there are some good restaurants and bars there. After supper I wandered along the street and every time I passed a certain type of bar, a middle-aged woman would grab me by the arm and invite me to come in for a drink and to talk to a “pretty lady.” I never imagined I’d meet middle-aged female pimps. In case you’re wondering, no I didn’t stick around to find out if the pretty ladies are any prettier than the pimps.



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