Tian Tan Grand Buddha / 天壇大佛

Today I went out to Lantau Island, where Disneyland is located, not to visit the magical kingdom, but to see the Grand Buddha. This is a famous landmark which you’ve probably seen in movies. I went out by subway and came back by ferry, just for a change of scenery. This also gave me the opportunity to make a quick visit to the village of Mui Wo and see a somewhat different part of Hong Kong.

Today was my last day in Hong Kong. Tomorrow I fly back to Beijing where I’ll continue working and studying Mandarin until mid-February. After that I’ll be heading to India (assuming I obtain the consent of the ever benevolent Indian bureaucracy) for a friend’s wedding. I will be back in Hong Kong in March as this is where my return flight departs from, so if you like Hong Kong, come back for more in March. I might also take a side-trip to Taiwan when I come back to HK. But don’t leave yet, I’ll have plenty more stories to tell about mainland China in the meantime.



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