Shipping & Receiving / 航运业

天天在我住工作的楼是这 样。我不是在仓库住的。这栋楼没有航运业需要 的东西。没有货物电梯什么的。最不要的问题是楼的电梯。

This is the daily scene outside the front door of the building where I live and work. No, I don’t live in a computer warehouse. There is no infrastructure here to support a distribution centre. No freight elevators, no loading dock, nothing. The main problem with this scenario is the elevators.

这22层栋楼只有两部电梯。这两部不过,员工太多。好多次我需要等十分钟上电梯。每天电梯有几个高峰时 间。那会儿我不敢上电梯。我在十二层住工作。如果我想出去,我先看这两电梯在哪层,正在上或者下。如果我觉得需要五分钟以上等电梯我就不 等下楼梯。其实要是电梯快过来,可能我不能上因为里面多么电脑什么的。

The number of elevators in this 22-storey building is not even sufficient to support the number of people who work here. It’s not unusual to have to wait ten minutes to get on an elevator. There are several elevator “rush hours” per day and I do my best to avoid them. When I’m coming down from the twelfth floor, I check the location and direction of the elevators, and if they’re more than five minutes away, I go down the stairs. Even if the elevator does come soon, I might not be able to get on because it might already be loaded with a pallet of photocopiers.

这些员工,从外面的汽车自 行车弄电脑上楼很聪明。他们都知道怎么上电梯。他们不管有没有人们已经等了十多分钟上电梯,他们就上。没有人批评他们。我在北京学过怎么 上公共车,电梯,地铁,不过我没有那些员工厉害。

The guys who run the dollies piled with computers, from the waiting bicycles and trucks, up and down the elevators to the offices, are good at their jobs. They know how to force their way onto an elevator in front of a dozen people who have been waiting ten minutes to get on. Yet nobody complains. I’ve learned to force my way onto trains, buses and elevators, but I could still learn a lot from these guys.

如果你发现你新的电脑从汽 车或者自行车掉下去,可能在这儿发现了。

So, if your new computer fell off a truck (or a bicycle) somewhere, it might have happened here.



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