I Can Write in Chinese / 我会写汉子


Well, sort of. 说不定!

I’ve now learned over 1,300 Chinese characters. In fact, that’s nothing, but what is something is that I can now write full sentences in Chinese. I couldn’t do that when I arrived in China back in September. The pieces are starting to fall together now. I’m connecting the characters I’ve learned to the spoken vocabulary I already know, and adding to my spoken vocabulary using characters I previously recognized but didn’t know how to say. It’s a good feeling.

我已经学了1,300个字。其实,你们都 知道我认识的字太少。不过我现在会写中文的句话。我刚来中国的时候不会。现在我开始知道我认识的字跟我会说的话有什么关系。我词汇越来越 多。我很高兴。

The book in the picture, Remembering Simplified Hanzi I, contains 1,500 characters. I’ve been studying it slowly for almost a year. The question now is, can I learn the remaining 180 characters before I leave for India on February 12? Also, this book was published in 2008. Someone please tell me when book II will be published. I’m ready for it!

我学汉子的书叫“记得简体 字1” (我自己翻译,不是中文书)。里面有1,500个字。我不到一年学 了。我2月12号要飞去印度德里。到时候我能不能弄这本书学完了?还有一个问题:这本书是2008年出版的,第二个书什么时候会出来呢?我正在等它!


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