Pedestrian Hazards / 行人注意危险

In China there are plenty of hazards to trip up the unsuspecting pedestrian. Things that if you encountered them at home, would be flagged with plenty of orange tape and maybe even a fence. For example, uneven pavement, potholes, missing paving stones, and staircases with one or more steps not the same height as all the others. Back home liability lawyers would drool. In China, if you trip over the sidewalk, it’s because you didn’t watch where you were going.

中国人行道上有很多危险。 在加拿大遇到这些危险的话旁边准有橙色线或者篱笆。比如说不平的人行道,坑洼,楼梯有一两个梯级跟其它的不也一样的高度。在加拿大都是不 可以的,在中国没问题。你绊倒的话就是你自己的事。

Let me describe it this way. People sometimes lay out goods they’re selling on blankets on the sidewalk. Nobody accidentally steps on them, except my father. It drove him nuts because he’d be walking down the sidewalk and suddenly someone would yell at him for stepping on their merchandise. He kept saying they shouldn’t put things in the middle of the sidewalk. That’s just not the way it works around here. If someone puts something (merchandise, a car, a pothole) in the middle of the sidewalk, it’s your job to avoid running into it.

有时候我看见人在人行道卖 东西。他们把东西放在地面。没有任何人踩在商品上,除了我父亲以外。这件事让他疯了。他正好在人行道走路忽然某人说他因为我父亲踩了在商 品上。我父亲觉得不需要在人行道上卖东西。在中国不是这样。如果某人把东西(商品,汽车)放在人行道中间,是你的事。

That’s all well and good. People seem to get by just fine here and I’ve never seen anyone trip. Then there’s this. I’m not sure if the sewer access or the staircase came first. Whatever the explanation, this is just cruel. This is a staircase near the Suzhou St. subway station. Easily 10,000 people climb this staircase every day, yet nobody seems to fall into the hole. If you’re coming down the stairs you can’t even see that there’s a problem until you get there! Bonus points because the top and bottom stairs aren’t the same height as the rest.

好的,那就行,没问题。我 没看过人搬到。不过这个不行。我不知道楼梯或者检修空是先制作的,不过这很残忍的。这楼梯在苏州街地铁站旁边,准每天一万多人都爬楼梯, 没有人摔倒了。从上面过来到楼梯前不会知道有危险。加分因为最上下面梯级的高度跟其它的都不一样。



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