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Subtle Jokes / 微妙的笑话

The Ministry of Funny is not going to think this is very funny.

中国振 幅幽默部肯定不会觉得这件事很搞笑。

I sometimes use an online English-Chinese dictionary on a site called When you load the site, it gives you a suggested word in the search field, so you give it a try. The suggested words change regularly and are sometimes related to current events, like a Chinese holiday.

我偶尔用一个网站词典找 词。那个网站教。你一看主页它就给你一个词例子,这样你自己可以试一试那个词典看它怎么样。Nciku.com经常换例子,有时候那个例子跟现在的事有关系,比如说一个节日。


Two days ago, I noticed the suggested phrase was “Green Dam”. Green Dam Youth Escort is (was?) a firewall and filtering application for desktop computers, developed in China. In 2009 the Chinese Government announced a plan to require all new computers sold in China to have Green Dam pre-installed. This of course is for the sake of protecting the children. In reality, it was just a further expansion of China’s already extensive internet surveillance and censorship. No government ever admits they want to do something they shouldn’t, they always talk about saving the children instead. Watch for it to soon be revived in Canada.

前天我上了nciku.com发现那个例子就是“绿坝”。绿 坝花季护航是 (现在还是呢?)一个中国写的防火墙软件。另外一个目的就是审查。2009年中国政府说以后要求每个新的电脑需要包括这个软件。他们说是为了保护小孩子。其实,就是为了审查和监督。政府不愿意说他们 要做不好的事,他们总说想保护小孩子。天下乌鸦一般嘿。最近在加 拿大也要发生这件事


That was two days ago. Then yesterday I noticed that one of the suggested words was “censor”. Is trying to be funny? I think it’s amusing. is a Chinese company, based in Beijing. They could get shut down any minute, though in this case I doubt anything drastic will happen.

那是前天。昨天我发现了查 词的例子就是“审查”。Nciku.com觉得这个笑话吗?我觉得就 是。不过nciku.com需要小心点儿。那是一个中国北京的公司。 政府回随时把他们怎么样,可是我觉得这件事不要发生。

In the end, the government’s plan never went ahead, though according to the Wikipedia, several computer manufacturers (Chinese and foreign) are voluntarily including Green Dam on new computers. It seems Green Dam may be in financial trouble now, so that may soon be a thing of the past. However, this does not diminish the government’s surveillance capabilities.

终于政府打算的没发生,不 过我听说很多做点脑的公司(中国和外国的)都愿意把绿坝放在他们新退出的电脑。现在看来绿坝破产了。无论有没有绿坝,中国政府的监督能 力。