Shanghai / 上海

After leaving Hangzhou I made a brief stop in Shanghai. This was primarily to visit with some people I know, as I’ve been to Shanghai before and most of what’s there doesn’t interest me too much. I spent some of my time there wandering with friends in Shanghai’s liongs. These are to Shanghai what the hutong is to Beijing, though they’re quite different. I don’t think the lilongs have the fengshui attributes of Beijing’s hutongs. They’re simply alleys laid out in a grid between main streets. They occupy the same space in the city as hutongs, and serve the same purpose (living, business, etc.), but have a different layout.

我离开杭州以后去了上海看 朋友。我上次来中国已经去了上海,而且我觉得有点儿无聊,所以我只是去了那边为了看朋友。我在上海的里弄逛 街跟朋友们一起逛街了一下。北京有胡同,上海有里弄。它们都是原来住和工作的地方,不过它们不一样。我觉得胡同跟风水有关系,好像里弄没 有什么风水。里弄的是格子的布局。



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