Li River / 漓江

我从上海飞去了广西桂林。 听说那边的自然风光是中国最美的之一。我先去了阳朔看漓江。我花了两天在漓江旁边骑自行车,还有在漓江山做船。而且我看了张艺模的“印象-刘三姐“。随着往南方走,我遇到的广东人越来越多。他们都很热情,给我他们的联系方式,要让我到 广州的时候跟他们联系。

Following my visit to Shanghai, I headed to Guilin, a city in the southwestern province of Guangxi and what is considered to be one of the areas of greatest natural beauty in China. I first visited the Li River where I spent two days riding bicycles and boats in and around the river. As I travel further south towards Guangzhou (Canton) and Hong Kong I seem to be meeting more and more Cantonese people. They’re all very friendly and tell me to look them up when I get to Guangzhou.



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