Sunset for this Chapter


In a few hours I will board a plane headed for home. What was intended to be a seven-month trip turned into a ten-month trip. I left home last August and travelled two thirds of the way around the world in one month. Then I stayed put (mostly) for several months. I’ve shifted here and there according to the requirements of my visa, as well as for a friend’s wedding in India, but haven’t moved further in my circumnavigation. That didn’t mean I didn’t move ahead. I’ve learned a lot of Mandarin in this time, and a whole lot more about China, its people, and its culture.

One month for two thirds of the distance, six months working on my primary mission (to learn Mandarin) a few more months of travel, and now 13 hours in the air to complete the last third of the globe. I find it interesting to compare how the time and distance don’t move at the same speed, but I can’t say much more about it than that.

I said to my friend Daisy last night that in the west China and Asia are the things of legend. Marco Polo, the Silk Road, the Korean DMZ, the Great Wall, the Cultural Revolution, Buddhist temples, the Hong Kong skyline and the Pandas. For the past few months these things haven’t been legends for me, because I lived, worked (and got frustrated with work) and I studied here. I haven’t left yet, but I think my mind is already home. I’m sitting in a Starbucks on Hong Kong Island, but what was part of my life for several months already seems exotic and remote.

This will be the end for this blog as it’s the end for my trip. Next I’ll go back to work, like I used to do and as everyone must do in life. So far nobody has found me my dream job. Don’t forget to pass on my resume to someone you know who’s looking to hire an enthusiastic, tri-lingual, well-travelled, experienced software developer. You’ll be doing me and someone else a favour.


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