Monthly Archives: July 2011

Culture Shock / 文化冲击

Just one more post to wind up this long story. I’ve been back in Canada
for six weeks now. I’ve been pretty busy, travelling to central Canada
to find a job, and now I’ve settled on going back to school to study law
in the fall.


Before I left China I knew I’d encounter some reverse-culture shock upon
returning to Canada. China is such a different place, I really changed
some of my habits in order to live there, and I knew after they became
habits, I’d have to change them back. For example, pushing my way onto
buses and elevators is neither necessary, nor acceptable in Canada.


Adjusting my habits hasn’t been the biggest challenge. There are times
when I think some things in everyday life would be easier if we could do
it the Chinese way. Of course, every system of doing things has it’s
advantages and disadvantages, so I won’t be choosy.


The thing that has really surprised me is how much China has influenced
the way I think. Some Chinese thinking about their ancestors and their
responsibilities to the previous and next generation have seeped into my
own thinking. I suppose this shouldn’t be a surprise. I went to China to
integrate myself into the culture and learn as much of the language as I
could. It turns out I succeeded.


None of the reverse culture shock I’m experiencing is very serious, it’s
all fairly easy to handle. But when it comes to a change in thinking,
it’s going to be a challenge to integrate some of these new ideas, as I
move on to the next step in my life.