Istanbul / 伊斯坦布尔


150最后年的奥托曼帝国 那是皇帝住的地方。那里有三个枝形吊灯,重物是一公吨


My last stop in Turkey was Istanbul. I’ve been there before and it’s a
fantastic city. This visit was pretty laid back, as I had seen a lot of
the sights on my previous visit and only had a few on my list for this
visit. I also have a number of friends I wanted to visit with.

One sight that I went to a second time, was the Blue Mosque. The Blue
Mosque is really something else. I’ll post pictures of that one
separately. While in Istanbul I also made a visit to Dolmabahce Palace,
which was the residence of the Ottoman Sultan during the last 150 years
of the empire. It doesn’t have gardens as large as Versailles, but it is
a palace on the same scale. It has three chandeliers weighing in excess
of one tonne, including one that weights 4.5 tonnes. I also paid a visit
to Topkapi Palace, the original palace of the Ottoman Sultans. I saw the
palace last time I was in Istanbul, but missed the harem, which is not
to be missed. I didn’t miss it this time.

Unfortunately some of the people I know in Istanbul were out of town on
business the week I was there, so I didn’t get to see them. I did get to
see my friends Ilknur & Filiz, who I worked with several years ago at
OTI, and their husbands Mukesh and Ugur. And my friend Zafer joined me
for a nargile one night, which was a pleasure.



2 thoughts on “Istanbul / 伊斯坦布尔

  1. Paul

    No, it’s just the bridge crossing the Golden Horn which divides two <br/>parts on the European side of Istanbul. There are two famous suspensions <br/>bridges crossing the Bosporous which link the European and Asian sides <br/>of Istanbul. I don’t think I posted any pics of those. 🙂


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