Sounds of Beijing / 北京的嘈杂声

Here are some recordings I made with my cell phone of various daily sounds in Beijing. The quality is quite poor, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway:

  • BEIJING-CHANT is a group of monks and retreat participants chanting at Longquan Temple.

  • BEIJING-FIREWORKS is the sound of fireworks going off inside the fifth ring road, where they’re apparently banned, during the Chinese New Year holiday.

  • BEIJING-STN is the sound of announcements at Beijing Railway Station two days before the start of the Chinese New Year holiday.

  • BEIJING-SUBWAY is the sound of public announcements on line 10 of the Beijing Metro.

这些是我用手机录音的声 音,都是在北京生活的声音。品质很低,不过你们可能觉得有兴趣:

  • BEIJING-CHANT是几个学佛的人在龙 泉寺诵经。

  • BEIJING-FIREWORKS春节放假的时候是在北京五环里的鞭炮(五环里鞭炮是不可以的)。

  • BEIJING-STN春节两天在北京站的通告。

  • BEIJING-SUBWAY在北京地铁10号线的通告。